Why Pagaria Global?

Why Pagaria Global?

Why Pagaria Global?

  • The most extensive range of products from as small as board pins to files, folders, and school bags
  • Competitive prices, the most affordable that you can find in your city
  • Place an order on just a click of the mouse
  • Transparent workflow process and pricing structure
  • One stop solution for all your office stationery need
  • Most of the processes are technology driven that saves both time and money and there are lesser chances of errors

Our Customers

Our customer base includes following but not limited to:

Corporate Offices and small enterprises who find it difficult to purchase the diverse stationery products from the retail store due to lack of time and a dedicated resource.

Stationery Retailers who have a daily footfall of customers and need discounted deals along with the ease of ordering through our various modes of ordering.

Students from all levels like play school, primary, secondary and various colleges like Engineering, Medical, etc. who are looking for long copies, short notebooks and especially bags.

Schools for all their requirement for teaching and student supplies.