Chairman: Mrs. Manjubala Pagaria.

Managing Director: Mr. Tapan Pagaria

Born in the year 1974, Mr. Tapan Pagaria is a veteran in the field of stationery sales and supply. He has been in stationery related business since 1989 and gained much of his experience from the diverse businesses he has done.

Tapan is a dedicated and sincere person who has begun from scratch with literally no money and no support from the family, whatsoever. But it was his vision and business sense that led to the establishment of Pagaria Global. As a down to earth person, Mr. Tapan believes in offering solutions to small businesses and in catering to their needs and requirements. He is also a tech-savvy person and inculcates use of technology in his company.

Tapan is optimist about the success of Pagaria Global and wants to leave no stone unturned to make it a global organization.